1 to 1 Yoga Teaching

1 to 1 Yoga Teaching.

1 to 1 Yoga Teaching 

1 to 1 learning is the best way to learn for some people . For example : 

  • If getting to a regular class is difficult .
  • If health, injury or mobility concerns make attending a group class difficult.
  • To support rehab from injury or ill health through yoga asanas and breathing (pranayama) practices and/or meditation.
  • To get health and wellbeing support through yoga asanas, breathing (pranayama) and/or meditation.  
  • To get guidance with a set of practices that can be continued at home.
  • To get specific guidance as to the most relevant practices for your needs.
  • To get individual guidance and feedback on practices less possible in a group class.

If it's your intention to practice at home then during and after your session I can provide you with some notes for home practice and if it would help take photos with your ( or my ) phone depending what would work best . 

I can offer 1 to 1 yoga in Totnes most days and times  . 

If you are interested in 1 to 1 yoga please either e mail or call or text 07915 650106 with your interests and we can go from there.   


1 hour is £40, or 5 session is £175 booked and paid in advance. 


Yoga Therapy 

Is essentially yoga practices that may be adapted and specifically chosen to help support someone with health challenges. It can be used as a support to alleviate or prevent many physical, psychological or emotional conditions. 

As with yoga practice in general the core principle is to help someone know themselves better and learn to trust their inner reference points through the yoga practices; and therefore begin to understand how to make positive and relevant health and lifestyle choices. Some basic understanding of your constitutional type according to yoga and ayurveda ( yoga's sister science ) can help someone know better how they are seasonally and in response to know better when and what to eat, how much and when rest is needed, what healthy work patterns could be and so on . These choices may helpfully also include remembering to have more fun , make time to pursue hobbies,  allow yourself to lunch out in front of a film now and again or get out in nature more.  As individuals most of us do know what is good for us and what would help , but may have lost sight of that or lost the motivation to enact those things. Yoga can help set us on track. 

I'm not a qualified yoga therapist or ayurvedic doctor, but through Thai medical theory ( very close to ayurveda ) and twenty five years yoga practice I have a working knowledge of these approaches that can inform my 1 to 1 yoga teaching .  If your situation is complex then seeing a medical doctor or similar health professional or maybe an Ayurvedic doctor may help get some clarity before setting out on yoga practice.