Thai Massage

Thai Massage

A combination of massage, acupressure, joint manipulation, traction and passive stretches applied in a soothing rhythm.

Thai massage is a unique and potent clothed massage which variously combines massage techniques, acupressure,  joint manipulations and stretches dependant on individual need. It's carried out on a futon mattress. Heating or cooling balms or oils and/or heated herbal compresses are often used to support the massage process .  As well as being beneficial for aches and pains and misalignments, the deep relaxation induced by Thai massage can be deeply relieving, restful, and healing.

Thai Massage Treatment Times 

Thai massage can be from 1 hour 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Treatments can be focussed and specific to a body area, depending on need and priority,  or more whole body focussed.

Where and When

I'm generally available from 8 am to 7 pm every day and some Saturday mornings. I work from Bridgetown, Totnes, about 10 - 15 minutes walk from Totnes centre. Free parking is always available close by. Home visits are possible for an extra charge for time and petrol.

Booking Your First Session and What will Happen

To book your session or if you would like to discuss your needs in advance please text or phone 07915 650106 or e mail  or fill out the e mail form below. At your first session we will discuss your relevant medical history and any reasons you have for trying Thai massage - there is no charge for this discussion - just allow an extra 10 - 15 minutes for the first session. I will lend you clothes for the massage. Please note, once a session has been booked I need 24 hours notice of cancellation or a £20 charge will be made.

Further General Information and FAQ’S


Some body pain can be resolved in one or two sessions of Thai massage, however some pain issues that have been building up for a longer time due to physical imbalance or chronic tension will take longer to resolve. In these cases three to six treatments fairly close together can make a significant difference. Some problems can be resolved, and some managed, depending on the severity of their nature and how long they have been present.


The use of heated herbal compresses and medicated balms and oils in Thai massage hugely enhances the effect of the massage and I use them a lot. They are partly helpful to support deep tissue work by softening tissues . They also support blood flow and nerve health. Some of them also have an anti inflammatory effect and are effective for pain relief on many levels. The heat and the smell of the herbs from the heated herbal compresses is also very calming. 


For a general boost of health and vitality, three to six treatments fairly close together can be very beneficial. As a preventive for physical problems and to mitigate the cumulative effects of stress, a Thai massage every two, four or six weeks is beneficial; but any regularity of massage, even if it is every two or three months, really helps. You can of course have a one off treatment to relax and rejuvenate anytime or just to try it out.


If you are in acute or unusual pain, Thai massage may not the place to start and a visit to your doctor  maybe more appropriate to get a more in depth diagnosis. That said I have helped people in acute body pain and massage can  be helpful to calm down muscle spasm and associated tension.  If in doubt feel free to call 07915 650106 or e mail.


No , although Thai massage is sometimes presented as being about stretches and applied yoga positions, it often isn't like that at all and may well just consist of massage and acupressure as appropriate. Some of the applied stretch photos above are just for illustration and are only relevant for some people. But if you like the idea of losts of movement and stretching that is also possible.


Not  in a unpleasant way. Acupressure and deep tissue massage on blocked or tight areas can feel like a good, relieving 'pain' , but it should always have a relaxing element to it. Sometimes in Asia uncomfortable deep pressure massage is a cultural expectation, so if you have had massage in Thailand it may have been with a strong pressure.  I would always ask permission before any deeper work. It's always a balance , but for many people deeper pressure massage is ultimately more relaxing and effective than something that is too light.  


Generally no, unless someone has specific training for that (I don't ) . Some people in Thailand do and may include chiropractic type techiques in their massage.


On. Pressure and massage techniques are mainly applied through loose clothes. I have plenty available to borrow. When balms and oil are used they are applied and massaged into skin with some massage by first lifting baggy clothes; work then generally continues with clothes back over. In some cases a bit of oil/balm based tissue work can be helpful. When heated herbal compresses are used they are applied both on top of clothes and sometimes on skin.

Thai massage, natural health and modern medicine

Thai massage is holistic in approach and aims to support and enhance the natural healing and self-rejuvenating capacities of body and mind. Much illness, disease and body pain is caused by the effects of stress and/or postural, lifestyle and occupational issues on our minds and bodies. Thai massage is an excellent way to relieve these tensions and strains. If you have an illness, disease or problem being treated by a doctor, on the whole there should be no containdication to receive Thai massage at the same time - the two should be mutually supportive. In general though if you are being treated by a doctor,  it's a good idea to get their advice/permission regarding the suitability of massage for your condition. 

Thai massage medical theory and Thai Cultural influence on the massage

Most aspects of the Thai description of anatomy and physiology are in essence not so different from Western anatomy and physiology ; but in addition Thai culture, influenced by Buddhism, views the physical, mental and emotional  aspects of a person as an interellating whole. The dynamics of health and illness are also understood throughThai element theory which views an individual's physical and mental constitution in relationship to their social and natural environment. Although it is part of a very old form of traditional medicine it is very much in sync with modern ideas of massage and holistic health care.

Thai massage/reflexology combinations

Having for example 45 minutes Thai massage followed by 45 minutes reflexology or more or less of either can be a great combination. Prices would be according to length of time - please ask.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions please e mail or call 07915 650106

IMPORTANT : Please contact me first, before making a payment.


Thai Massage
Thai massage options
Additional Information

Thai massage can be beneficial for:

  • Back pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Shoulder pain.
  • Arm, elbow, wrist and hand pain.
  • Hip, knee, ankle and leg pain.
  • General feelings of aching, stiffness and/or and physical unease.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Recovery from injury.
  • Stress and fatigue.
  • Mild mood disorders - anxiety and depression.
  • General malaise and lack of energy.

Also people have Thai massage:

  • To support detox.
  • To stimulate lymph drainage and improve general circulation.
  • To relax, rebalance and reorientate.
  • As a tonic.
  • As a support for yoga , martial arts, dance and sport.

Thai massage treatments and prices:

1 1/4 hours - £40

1 1/2 hours - £45

2 hours - £55

2 1/2 hours £65

3 hours £75


You can pay by cash, card, bank transfer or Pay Pal above - let me know what's best for you.

Donation based massages and reduced price massage.

I have one donation space a week whereby a lower cost massage is available. Suggested rates are  :

For 75 minutes : £25 - £30

For 90 minutes: £35 - £40

To book call or text 07915 650106 or fill out the form below . 

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available if you would like to get a massage as a present for family or friends. Please e mail or call and I can either send you a card one in the post or e mail one for you to print out.