About Neville Cregan

My background

Prior to my yoga teaching, Thai massaging and writerly life I worked in social care and mental health services in the UK and had the fortune to travel a fair bit and work a wide variety of jobs on my way.


I started yoga around 1991 to address a misaligned and painful body. What took me by surprise though was that through releasing tension and resistances in my body, I was left feeling centered and calm in a new way. I had studied some yoga philosophy in my BA Humanities degree out of intellectual curiosity, but it took getting on a yoga mat for me to realise that while reading the books helps, yoga is primarily a practical discipline and exploration.

Yoga Teaching Experience

I've taught since 1997 in yoga centres, community centres, retreat centres, at corporate events and for the NHS and Social Services. As well as my regular class, workshop and yoga retreat/holiday schedule, I also teach the history and philosophy of yoga on The London Yoga Teacher Training Course and the Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training Course .

Thai Massage

Thai massage has some parallels and connections with yoga and I became interested when I was training as a yoga teacher. My first Thai massage in Thailand was an amazing experience; my aches and pains felt completely dissolved, my body felt light as a feather and whilst the massage was physically quite powerful it was also deeply calming and centring like no other massage I had had before. This has led to an ongoing interest and exploration of Thai massage including four trips to Thailand over 20 years.

Other interests

My other interests include travel, literature, photography, film, music, surfing, table tennis and Manchester City FC . I am also a freelance writer contributing to various magazines and websites .

I live in Totnes, Devon where, apart from my work, I am raising my two sons.

About Neville Cregan

Yoga training

My initial teacher training from 1995 was in London and Brighton with Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga teachers - Mary Stewart, Sophie Hoare, John Stirk and Peter Blackaby. Since then I have explored hatha yoga with a diverse range of teachers including Desikachar, Donna Farhi and Dona Holleman . Despite variations in presentation and style all these teachers helped me understand core universal aspects of yoga common to all approaches.

I also spent several years attending two silent insight meditation and mindfulness retreats a year at Gaia House in Devon and completed a meditation course written by Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg from the USA and guided by Catherine McGee from Gaia House.

I also learn much (if not the most) from my students through their varying needs, questions and responses to my teaching.

Thai Massage

I have practiced Thai massage professionally since 1998 after originally learning with Kira Balaskas and Asokananda in London. I have also studied with Ralf Marzen in London and have been to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand four times for study programs at the Sunshine Massage School  and various individuals. I also studied Thai medical theory for massage with Nephyr Jacobsen via the Naga School of Thai Massage  in the US. Thai massage has undoubtedly helped in my understanding of yoga and vice-verca as the two disciplines have many parallels in their theory and ideas.


I've been practicing since 2006 after discovering the amazing effects of reflexology on a trip to Thailand. I trained in reflexology with Jan Williamson for precision reflexology and Sue Ehinger for Chinese reflexology. 

Qualifications and accreditation

I am an accredited yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), have my Thai massage qualifications with the Sunshine Massage School and reflexology qualification with The School of Precision Reflexology . I'm insured for all of these with Balens Insurance , specialists in health care insurance. I also have a 2/1 BA Hons Humanities degree based in Indian philosophy from Brighton University.